RPPS student rules to respect


You will need permission from an ADULT/TEACHER on DUTY to go to the office unless there is an emergency.


**Lunch monitors need permission from duty teachers to send students to the office.**


How do we walk in the hallways at RPPS?

That’s right! On the right hand side.

Students: Staff will be reminding you to WALK, not run and always use the right hand side of the hallways.


*Spoons and forks should be brought from home, washed, repacked and reused. We will be distributing extra cutlery to all classroom in case of occasional need. ** There will not be any more cutlery at the office. **


*Recess Passes: Mrs Currie’s class prepared red clothes pins to be used as passes along with the purple lanyards. During recess, please leave your pass with the door monitors as you leave the school. Remember: One pass per child. **Students should not be entering the school as a group.**


Please enter the school by the back or side door NOT by the front door. Students from the portables should be using a class designated swipe card.


*Ice packs are used to reduce swelling and inflammation. It should not be placed on affected area for more than 10 minutes (unless there is a serious injury and constant adult supervision is required). An adult needs to assess the nature of your injury before you go to the office and ask for some ice.


*If you are in need of more food, please tell the teacher on duty, who will then call the office and let them know you are coming for additional food. If this happens often, a note to your parents for extra food will be sent home.


*Arrangements for after school activities should be made with your parents before school. The telephone should not be used by students unless your teacher is aware of a particular circumstance.


We have a beautiful school yard. Our rock fence is a perfect place to sit on the lower rocks close to the grass and chat in the shade. Please do not run or walk across the rocks.



Thank you Jennifer and Yanka for all you do!