Rockcliffe Park P.S.
Rockcliffe Park P.S.


  Welcome to our new Principal Katia!


  Bienvenue Katia!!





Principal: Katia Sioufi Guarna



Pizza and Milk orders
New system: Starting this year, pizza and milk orders will be done online only. Please register ASAP at
Mazzola orders:

PD Day


10 steps to success at RPPS

10 Steps To Success.doc
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Reminders for PARENTS

There is NO YARD COVERAGE before 8:15 am- Students should not be arriving before this time



Students a reminder that when on school property you must walk your scooter at all times.


We are a NUT FREE SCHOOL. Please send your child to school with a nut free lunch


Nutritious,  Litter Free Lunches are encouraged


Please send your child proper utensils, if necessary 


No DOGS allowed on school property


We have a beautiful school yard. Our rock fence is a perfect place to sit on the lower rocks close to the grass and chat in the shade. Please do not run or walk across the rocks.


If your child is ABSENT from school, student absences can be reported be EMAIL ( or by PHONE (613-749-3992)


Arrive on TIME for school 8:28 am or earlier (8:15 am)- late arrival results in having to wait in the office for a late slip and class disruption.

RPPS School council news

What to wear today!