Mot de Bienvenue/Welcome !


I am very pleased to be your child’s grade 4 EFI teacher this year with Mrs. Lines and Mrs Gordon for the 2016-2017 school year. I have been teaching for 19 years. I am looking forward to working with you and your child to make this a productive and positive year for everyone. I will be teaching French, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Physical Education and Health. Mrs. Lines will be teaching English and Math and Mrs Gordon will be teaching the Arts program.


Grade 4 is very important and challenging year; more is expected of our students as they prepare higher grades. Through assisting them in developing strong work habits, a sense of responsibility, positive values and also improving French communication skills in the classroom, we can make your child’s year successful in all aspects within a multicultural environment.

French Immersion Approach

My program goals:

  • To improve oral communication skills and confidence
  • To improve reading fluency and writing skills 
  • To get students excited about learning French
  • To learn in a cultural environment
  • To develop good learning skills, manners and values in an academic environment
  • To guide students and help them to take in charge their own learning
  • To be in contact with the French language around the world